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2001-11-10 22:12:17 (UTC)

*Yawn and Stretch*

I slept until 3:30 this afternoon, since my mom, dad and
brother had left early to go to a baseball tournament. The
day's almost over, but I feel marvelously refreshed! Last
night Parker and I had a very early "dinner" (the cute
little mexican place up the road closed!!, so we went to
steak and shake), and Laura and I were supposed to go to
his play, but... we didn't. I feel kinda bad, like Laura
said, "It's not like he ever comes to our stuff". So I
started making a web-sitey thing last night! It's pretty
simple so far, but I find it exciting. It's really hard to
believe that it's getting dark already, since I've only
been up for a little over an hour and a half!!!