Sweet Child

Sweet Life
2001-11-10 22:12:10 (UTC)

i need help!

I am so lost. I am so confused. I don't know what to do. I
need help.

I am with Nathan now. I hate it. I want to end it but I am
scared. I knew it would turn out like this. Everytime I am
in a relationship it always turns out bad. Nathan acts like
he doesn't even care about me. He doesn't come to school &
doesn't tell me what happend. He doesn't call. More than
once. Uhhhhgggg! What is his problem? Then he doesn't show
up where we are suppose to meet. Then when he comes late he
doesn't even have an excuse.

Then there is Steven. I met him on the us.
Then there is Jordan. Hot, hot, cute, fun.
Then there is Michael. Quite, in my second period class.
Then there is this guy. His name is still unknown. He is
always staring at me.
Then there is Aaron. The best of all. I really like him. I
think he likes me too but it's kinda hard to tell.

Well I have to go. Nosey mom is here.