Zone of Misfortune
2001-11-10 22:09:57 (UTC)


I'm, finally 17...i can't believe it, well, actually, i
kinda big difference...didn't really tell
anybody. But it is pretty cool now since i also have my
braces off...and retainers on...maybe...

let's see...first marking period is over...starting to
think about colleges...need to start thinking of colleges.
Um, still in that "i'm an ugly loser" state of mind,
watching videos of yourself doesn't help, and am just
hurtling along in boredom because of lack of

Haven't updated since 11-2 and now it's like 11-11 i
think...Let;s see how long it takes me to update
again...perhaps when something happens.

Band isn't really going anywhere, still no singer and lead
guitarist Jacy never really shows up, scratch that, just
never shows up...not good sign.

Current Status: