DayDream Believer
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2001-11-10 21:46:17 (UTC)


Now Im at my job, just so I can write some mail`s before
Ill go out and Im not here to look for Chris (yeah right)
On my way over I had to pass the music store, I`d by three
singles , Faith Hill: There you`ll be, Enrique: Hero and
City High: What would you do?
I just love music, cant wait to the clock to be eleven so I
can go The Music Club, it`s allready open but its not many
pepole there befor eleven and I dont wanna dance all alone.
I love dancing, I used to go to a dancing shcool and take
classes but I`d quit afther the first seson, I dont have
time to go back there now, its just no more time in my life.

Today was a bad day at home, I dont know if my father has
been drinking but he sure was angry.
Unluckly my sister and mother was babysitting our cosins
children, they are four and eleven years old and they was
sitting in our living room when my father was yelling about
how angry he was on our mother, she was outside working so
it was no use to scream at us, but still he did it.
I didnt want to leave home then, I feel like Im have to
take care of my sisters, I realy want to pretect them from
this, so I told Karoline to take Grace and the two others
down at her room to watch a movie when my mom got in, I
dont like my father to figth in front of my sisters, but
its even worse when its someone who dont live in this house
there lisneing to it.
But thats not all, I had polished my nails right before Id
left so Grace helped me to get dressed witout getting
nail polish on my cloths, I kissed her good bye and said
bye to the two kids we are babysitting for the weekend and
When I got to my buss stop my father came, he was driveing
all the way down to say that I didt say goodbye, and that
it woult be nice to now when I left.
Thats the man who dont answer me when I say good night to
him before bed!!!!
And if it was so inportantfor him he could just have asked
someone at home!!
Yeye, tonight I gonna have fun!!!!

Have a nice Saturday nigth!!