2001-11-10 21:04:26 (UTC)


Today has sucked royal ass so far! i missed like a whole
week of school last week so im stuck home wasting my
saturday doing lame make-up work. This is my first time
every doing one of these online diary things it seems
pretty awesome. I dunno tho it seems weird tho in some sort
of way having strangers read about you and your life.
I learned some pretty stoked 'Chicken Soup' stuff the
other day from one of my was like the only
reason why you get up in the moring and get dressed is
because you want to see the one you love?!? Shit the only
reason why i get up is cuz i got the munchies and i gotta
piss like a race horse on staroids. BUT i guess in some
sense the chicken soup thing is true.
Last night one of my really good friends came over and we
chilled and watched some movies. It was pretty rad!
Although we ended up falling asleep in the middle of it cuz
before that we went cruising down the road stickin our
heads out the window like Ace Ventura. So like at 2 in the
morning Im trying to sneek him out the house before my
parents wake up and wonder why he hasn't left yet. However
tho i don't understand why he coudln't just stay the night
in the first place?!?! Hes just my friend and he even has a
girlfriend so not like we would do anything and not i like
i would WANT to do anyhting. Gee...parents these days!
Alright dudes and dudettes im back to my homework. L8t3R

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