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2001-11-10 21:02:05 (UTC)

Too honest

By around five in the morning Mel, Ron, and I were
walking past Union Square Park, and we decided to go to his
room in Coral Towers. Over un-drunken tea and massages we
talked about the concept of being "too honest" as the sun
rose outside the window. We talked about many other things,
but this is what stands out in my mind. I'm not quite sure
how we got on that topic, but now I'm still thinking about
it. I happen to think that it is possible to be too
honest....saying something that doesn't serve any purpose
and will only hurt someone, saying something that is not
appropriate to the situation, or revealing information
(true, it may be) that is not yours to reveal. They wanted
examples, and Ron said that he knew I had one that I wasn't
saying-I told him that if I were to explain, I would be
being too honest. In a sense I was joking, but there is a
bit of truth in it as well. He brought up a really
interesting point: is what I consider "too honest" really
just something that I don't want to know?
I really do appreciate the truth and I want people to
be honest with me, but I think that there are some limits.
For example, the first day that I met Seth's friend John,
John did not need to tell me that he got his first blow job
three years ago in what is now my closet. He was being
honest (I assumed) but isn't that a bit too much? That
certainly falls into the "not appropriate to the situation"
bit that I mentioned before, as well as being something that
I don't want to know. Too honest? I don't know. I'm sure
there are much better examples, but I've not had nearly
enough sleep to come up with any! One of my roommates'
alarm clock was going off before I even get in today, then
my phone rang by a little after noon, and I've been up
since. Definitely too tired for this now.