Absolute Mayhem
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2001-11-10 21:01:07 (UTC)

the road looks up

i know i soo bad at keeping this thing updated.
ive been extra busy with the last week here of the term. i
got all my c's up and now they are all up to at a minimum a
B..(biology) but i think ive brought that up to a B or A-
after the last test i took which im sure i aced it. well my
heart and mind have stopped swirling soo much. im over
tyler. i guess that was just like one of those 2 week
obsessions (lol. right allie?) yeah. but im still not over
adam. i talked with him like 2 nites ago and i told him how
i felt and i could tell he was thinking about it long and
hard. so im not sure whats happening. we are supposed to do
something tonite together but we havent decided what. maybe
he can just come over to chill and watch some
movies. :::SIGH::: i really believe when they say it takes
a minute to like someone and a day to love them but a day
after forever to forget and get over someone. i got to hang
out with my best friend tiffanie yesterday. her fam stopped
in for an hour and i told her whatsup and shes awesome.
she's just like yeah, two will be back together
before christmas. lol. i dunno bout christmas..but i know
eventually adam and i will become a couple again. well i
g2g get ready for church. lata daz.