Saving the Day
2001-11-10 19:58:18 (UTC)

introduction to destruction

I just realized that maybe i should tell the public my life
as it stands right now before i go off whining about how
crappy i perceive my life to be. its really not that bad.
I'm a junior, 16 years young. All of my friends seem to be
older than me with a few exceptions. Last night my friends
wanted to go to a porn shop, i would have had to stand
outside, oh was interesting enough i'm sure for
the people in the "big Lots" parking lot to hear me
yell....Aww man, how come i cant go to the porn shop guys?!
Im an irish dancer, yeah i want to be like michael flatley
when i grow up, but i dont know if i'll ever be that good.
theres too many cliques in my dance school...its kind of
funny how people can be. I have a very short attention span
and people always seem to think i'm on drugs because of my
wacky behaivor. I'm immobile as of right now, BUT as we
speak my parents are car shopping and maybe they will come
home with something nice. What else about me? music is my
life, i listen to it, i like everything under the sun, but
what really tickles my fancy is pop punk and emo stuff. its
golden. the movie fight club is my favorite despite my
conformity to pacification well i should go