2001-11-10 19:53:35 (UTC)

~!November10, 2001!~

Dear Diary,
Well I really don't know where to start. I haven't
written in a long time. But today I felt I should. I've
been in need of people to talk to. These past couple days
I've been kinda depressed. I don't know why, I just have.
I think it's my ex boyfriend. Every couple months I'll
start thinking about him and missing him...and I get kinda
depressed for a few days. I'm starting to feel better now
though, so that's good. I was hanging out with these
people I met through a girl at my school these past three
weeks...and I think being around them kind of upset me
too...because they do alot of things that I don't like and
that bother me. So I finally came home and I'm not going
to hang out with them anymore. I probably just need to
find some things to do. Meet new people and go out and
have fun. Oh, and go to church. Me and my mom are
supposed to go tomorrow. I hope she doesn't flake out on
me. I really want to go. I think going and maybe talking
to the pastor will help me feel better. I hung out with
Mike's mom last nite. I went with her to North Long Beach
to give some X-Rays to her dentist...then she bought me
Carl's Jr. Hanging out with her also helps me to feel
better about Mike and me. She talks to me about how he is
and what she thinks mite happen between the two of us and
stuff. I know me and him will probably never be together
again...and I think that is what makes me sad, is because I
used to not be able to imagine myself without him. And now
I'm kinda forced to. Unless I plan on never marrying or
having kids. Welp, I'm getting sick of I'll
try and write again tomorrow, if not, it will be soon. I
promise :)
Love ya lots,

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