2001-11-10 19:24:25 (UTC)


Well, last nite was okay. I went to Warner Robins for the
game against Northside and Warner Robins High. It was
packed out there. It was okay. I thought it was going to be
a closer game, but it wasn't. Anyway, I met a dude. His
name is Johnathan. See what happened was me, Jacan, and Dee
were sitting in the car waiting on my friend Candice. We
were kinda bored, so were getting guys to come up to the
car and we would talk to them. Okay, a tight Caprice rode
by...so I beeped the horn. To make a sorta long story
short....the dudes came back after all that time. Jacan
didn't want to talk to them....Jacan was doing all the
talking while me and Dee laughed. So, they got out and the
driver wanted to "holla" at me. I was hoping that he wasn't
U-G-L-Y, but dude was DEAD READY!!!!! Lawd, he was "DAT
DEAL". Well, he came and talked to me....after minutes of
arguing who was going to get out first, of course I had him
getting out! But he wanted to get a whole body shot of me,
so he opened my door and asked me to get out for him. He
wasn't as tall as I would have liked him to be, but it
didn't matter.....HE WAS FINE! Well, we talked and I gave
him my number. He said I was being hesitant and he didn't
think it was my number. Okay, he got in the car and called
my cellphone to see if I gave him the right number. I
thought that was cool because I knew at least he wanted to
give me a call sometime. Anyway, he called me a few times
last nite. I'm not sure if I'll be hearing from him a lot.
I really don't care because at the end of it all....all I
could do was think about Rufus. So, I guess I do like him
for real. He told me that he liked me yesterday. I like
talking to him. It's not hard at all. He keeps the
conversation going. I think the next step is to give him
the digits. *J*