even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2001-11-10 19:00:13 (UTC)

that big blade falling

so.. im in dallas... the lfight was ok, securit was wack..
lines were super long, and the terminal were super quite,
cause only you can go through if you have a ticket... so
the lfight was shorter than i expected, but as i got off
the plane in dallas, i waked past security and the fukcing
national guard dudes (oh yea.. national guard was there)
the fucking national guard dudes have atomatic machine
guns! these huge ass automatic huge guns, it was so
weird... but, so we go to subway, ashley bryan and i, and
its fun, i mean, as much fun as eating a sandwich can be..
and leem tel you that can be pretty fun

MsKarma: i like snadwiches in general
ShameusLawson: yea...they truly are the perfect food
MsKarma: i know!
MsKarma: you can do virtually anything with a
ShameusLawson: I know right?
MsKarma: i didn't want to say it!
ShameusLawson: it's ok I did once
MsKarma: but sandwiches, they rock my world...
ShameusLawson: oh yea
MsKarma: i fi could only eat one food for the rest
of my life, it woudl be sandwiches
MsKarma: cause there are so many kinds!
ShameusLawson: here here

sam knows where im coming from... so.. he and joselin went
out to boat house, and sam said it went well, and that they
saw lee, and he looked a little sad, and no thimsef, and
sam thinks it was because i didn't tell him i was going out
of town... i don't know man, i hope not, i mean, i dbe
upset, too i guess.. im gonna cal when i get home an
dapologize.... so ive been eating ike a maniac, and it
hurts me, like, physically, it hurts... so.. im gonan go it
hink.. i nee to call bryan and jamie... they thing is... i
don;t really want to hang out with either of them.. so i
don't know man.. i don't knwo what to do, i mean, im gonna
call them both, and end up hanging out with them both..
so.. it'll be good.... so here goes nothing...!