my name?

my boring life
2001-11-10 18:32:25 (UTC)

knock knock knockin on heavens door.....

ha that was a prety gay song....well not really
bored..and i think i smoked myself retarded. oh well its
all kinda mad because jordan and me were suppose
to hook up again Mela said he was giong to ask me back out
and then he ended up kissing marrisa even tho he told me he
didnt like not mad at marissa, because she didnt
do anything wrong. Idk tho in a way its okay because kinda
like someone else...but im not sure if that would even work sooo confused.Everyone is saying Will likes me and
its getting so annoing because i kno he doesnt were just
friends only friends so everyone can stop asking me if i
like him or if im gion out iwht him because no i dont like
him and no i will never go out iwth him. Im so tired.. i
slept till 12 today! im a lazy bum! How come whenever
really starty to liek someone i always get fucked over? Idk
i think ijust have the worst luck with people. oh well im
out of things to complain about later!

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