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2001-11-10 18:29:10 (UTC)

*november 8 - anthony...*

anyway...the whole rest of the day anthony dint talk to me
once, except to say that he wasnt "in the mood."
in the mood for what? to see his girlfriend? i couldnt
believe it...he seemed like he was so mad at me, but i
couldnt for the life of me figure out why... i asked john
and he dint kno either.

so i wrote him a letter...basically about that i understood
andy needed someone to talk to and it wasnt a big deal..but
just that i wanted to know why he was fully ignoring me,
and i asked if he was mad or whatever. and that hopefully
id see him at my party, or try to call me. which he wont
cuz hes forever grounded.

oh, i hope hes at my party..i dunno what ill do if he isnt.

*new found glory - hit or miss*

(yeh...nfg mood today.)

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