Blooded Kez

Thoughts of a crazy person
2001-11-10 18:22:40 (UTC)

Tired and bored (1)

What would the world be like if everyone died......... i
dunno but id like to try it. People are virus' and they are
PISSING ME OFF! need to go hide in my corner i think.
RETARDED life it is........ but anyway.
Spent most of the day sleeping, got up, ate, read kerrang,
spoke to a friend of mine (communicating *shudders*), then
hid in my bedroom drawing and chatting online.... FUCK
arent i an interesting person. Gonna start framing my art
and selling it... Well its not exactly art.... more
pictures of various Metal/Rock artists.... but i still used
a pen/pencil/rubber and all the other its
FUCKING art! (retards)
Pent up agression.....? i think so. BUT this is my diary
and im allowed to express myself as much as i frickin well
want to. Listening to Static-x at the moment (thanks to tim
for giving me the album.. :o)... )... and now ive taken to
glancing over my shoulder now and then to look at the
artwork thats strewn over my shoulder... give myself an ego
boost... EGOTISTICAL? i think so.
Im proboley going to right another bit to this later...
seeing as its only 6.18pm. And im gonna be alone again
tonite, mom's going out... so the house is gona be quiet...
god!!)...... bored now....cant think of anything commical
to say... because im frickin bored. Gonna scoot... wanna go
play with the little children dancing outside........

Toodles for now.

Mainly listening to : Static-x, Adema, 40 below summer and
Darwins Waiting room.

Mood : slightly joyful, yet bitter and still very twisted

Favourite food of the day : birthday cake

Favourite drink : Milk..(as always)