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2001-11-10 18:15:45 (UTC)

Trippy Day at Providence

i love it when unexpected things happen.
it had to have been the coldest nite so far in new
england. 40 something degrees with brisk winds. (i knew i
shoulda brought a jacket.) well lita and i were heading
down to providence to go see a concert. little did we know
it got canceled and replaced with a lame band.
after our second concert disappointment this week we
headed to the mall. a place ensured to be fun, with money
or not (with money is better tho! =D) we browsed about 20
stores before realizing our stomachs were calling for food.
"FIRE AND ICE" was the restaurant...very interesting
little place. being our first time there we were clueless
as to what to do...so when our waitor came up (who was very
gorgeous ;D ) he had to explain the whole set up and after
about 15 minutes we got it. IT WAS AWESOME THO. they cook
the food right in front of you! lol
now that dave (our waitor) made our nite we strolled
down to thayer st in hoping to run into a cafe, but to our
surprise we ran into a celebrity! whoooo. it was lee lee
sobieski, surprisingly standing alone. i think she goes to
skool around there, we woulda said hi but she was on her
cell phone. probably lost! lol j/k
so finally we went to good ol' starbucks =). AHHH
caramel apple cider MMMMM. very very good! it was great
nite! yay for providence, RI.
and a special thank you to the little girl waving to
us from her mom's station wagon in the parking lot of ppm.