losing weight!
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2001-11-10 17:04:04 (UTC)

Sat 5pm...

Well, had about 800cals last night. Not good at all!

About half an hour ago I had some greek fish casserole
stuff with some crusty bread and a load of lettuce. That
came to about 400cals. That's it now for today. I'm going
out at 8pm so I won't be tempted to eat anything...coz I

I don't feel hungry(yet!) That's a good thing. It means I'm
getting used to eating small amounts of food.

I'll weigh myself tomorrow. I think I might've put on a
pound coz I went over my 500 limit yesterday. I hope I'm
still 13.6, if I've lost any that's a bonus!

See you tomorrow!

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