my mind is overflowing with crap!
2001-11-10 17:02:41 (UTC)

first entry...

Well lets see....where do i start?
Lets see...My name is Sarah, I'm 18 years old and i'm in
OAC. For those of you who do not what OAC is, it is a
fifth year of high school. If you are planning on going to
University in Ontario you must go to OAC. If you are
planning on just going to college you can graduate from
grade 12. Although I am in OAC i will not be going to
University I took this fifth year as a year to stall for
time. I had absolutley no idea of what i was going to do
with my life. There is just SO much pressure to know what
you want to do. Every year since grade nine you get the
call to go see the guidance consoller, to tell them what
you have plans doing with your life. For the past 4 years
i have just been making up big life plans that i didn't
want to do..just so i didn't get a lecture on how i have to
start planning for the future. But I finally know. I have
decided to become a massage therapist. Wow that's sounds
like a such a fancy title. Well either that or a
Esthectician. But hopefully the massage therapist thing
comes through because i do not have the money to go to
college away from home. The past few weeks that has what
i've been preoccupied with. Especially since college
applications are due in December and I have to make up my
mind now. After procastinating for the last few years.
But now that i have decided I feel a great weight lifted
off my shoulders. Now I'm refreashed and back to my old
self again. I've come to the end of my thoughts today. I
must apologize for my spelling.....I know it's quite