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2001-11-10 15:27:29 (UTC)

Party time!!

Today Im finaly going out!!!!!!
I havent been out on a month or so, so guess how happy I am
Im going to The Muisic Club, one of my faborite places,
when I walk inn that door it fels like comming home, Im
safe, loved, sexy and can do anything I put my mind up to.

I got home from my babysitting job at 24.30, felt asleep
and did not wake up before 12.30 in the morning!!!!!
Then I way angry at my self, I have been sleping away
allmost a half day!
How wasted is that???

I have to tell you more about my job`s one is to babysitt
for a famely after school to 24.00 and the otherone is on a
cafe in the wekends, so no matter what it feels like Im
always working.
Im not rich, but I have enught money to spend on my self.
My grade`s are okey, Im not a 6`er student, but Im doing
What Im gonna do afther Ive finished school I have no idea
of, and that scared`s me a lot!!!
What am I gonna do for a living in my life??

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