2001-11-10 15:16:42 (UTC)


Why do we all hate each other? Why do people expect
everyone to be friends with them and then they can't even
be civil to other people? Everyone says that you should try
to get along with everyone your senior year but I don't
want to hear it from people who won't do it either. Last
night was a prime example of our senior year rushing by
like a freight train, last night was senior night. I put on
my uniform for the last time to march out on that field as
my last half time show as a South Stokes Marching Saura.
This is the beginning of the end, by Christmas I will never
march in another parade and I won't be section leader
anymore. There were some nice things last night though,
almost everyone followed the tradition of senior night (no
clothes under uniforms, which sucked considering how cold
it was) All othe parents lined up with us and we got
reconized and they gave us a flower (which we had to pay
for!) that we inturn gave to our mothers. Supper was free
so that was nice! Beth got me a card that said "Thanks... I
am jsut so happy I could poop!" I am really going to miss
Traci, Meagan, Beth, and Celeste, heck I am going to miss
all of them except maybe one!Everyone was hugging each
other and all that but I didn't cry b/c its not like I am
not going to see all these people on Monday! Its not really
the marching when you think about it, it is really the
people you do it with. On the upside however we did when
the first game of the season! I was so happy for the
football team, everyone makes fun of them and everything
but they do try and go to practice everyday.
Back to the beginning topic, I am not going to name names
b/c I sure didn't like it when my name was on the world
wide web! But if someone thinks that their life is
intolerable there is only one thing to do... get up and
change it cause on one can do it but you, just like no one
can help you until you decide to help yourself.