Shana's Thoughts
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2001-11-10 15:05:02 (UTC)

The weekend/I have a question for you all !*~!*~!*~!*~

O me the weekend is finally here. It feels great. I get to
see my bf today and stuff. Its great.

So did n-e-1 go to the website ? If you didn't you
should have, cause it ROX. They play heavy metal and hard
rock i think. I seen them play a few times all the band
members are between the ages of 16 & 18. They go to my
school well three of them do the other goes to a diff
county. They are all nice thought.

Well i gotta run. See yall peoples lata.

Shana (pronounced Sha-nuh or Shannah)
[email protected]

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