Do I get my lap dance now?
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2001-11-10 11:28:58 (UTC)

I'm lonely, but thanks for the ride.

Augh, I'm having such a long day. I don't mean long, as in
I've been working hard, but long as in it'll never end and
I feel gross. Drugs are still bad.

I went to a party today. It was thrown by Major League
Baseball and The Mariners, so it was completely legal and
boring. That moose still bugs the shit out of me. I'm not
especially entertained. ==Dude, I hate you. Get a
clue.== I'm the only person in the entire fucking ballpark
who doesn't scream your name and grin like a mofo when you
come in the room. Anyway, I ditched that party early and
went to get coffee with my friends.

...Which is where I quickly fucked myself. I don't know
why, but I got way depressed over my lack of sex, became a
chain smoker, and started shaking like a frozen rat. I
still am kinda shaking. And the waiter is a little horny
man. I don't care, because he's cute and willing to put
out (is it still called putting out if it's a guy?? I'm so
uneducated.), unlike my boyfriend. I'm such a tramp.

HAHAHAA!! Being a tramp reminded me of something funny
that happened earlier tonight. So April and I are leaving
this party, and we look like complete whores. I'm wearing
this skirt that drapes just above my knees with these
chunky goth-boots that come up right to my knees, and I
have my shades on, like usual. April has on this little
tiny leopard print skirt that she bought in the kid's
department of some store. She's so proud she fits, but
c'mon. It's leopard print and tiny. So anyway, we're
standing on this street corner in the shitty part of
downtown Seattle, looking completely whorish, waiting for a
taxi-cab. Before one showed up, Jack who'd also ditched
the party, drives by, leans his head out the window and
asks us if we want a ride. Of course we do, so we hop in,
and right before we're about to pull away, we see this cop
giving us the evil/suspicious eye from accross the
intersection. It was so funny - just that look. I felt
like a whore, I looked like a whore, and I was acting like
a whore. And there was this cop, looking at me like I am a
whore. It was so perfect. I wish I could have had that
look he was giving me in a picture. I'd hang it above my

Current mood: fucked.
Current tunes: Dean Martin - Ain't Love a Kick In the Head
Current advice: Rich people throw lame parties. (Is that
advice? Hmmm...)