lost in the dark
2001-11-10 09:21:09 (UTC)

Good night...

Hey Entry. Well, it was a good night. Meet up with Dave.
Have not talked to him for almost for a full year. Walked
on the ground that was not made to be walked on. It was
nice to see him again. Was invited out to a Rave that he
and his brother are putting on. I would like to go, there
are other reasons that I am not able to make it. Have a
good party Dave.
I did not know that I knew so many people in the Gothic
seen. It really surprised me on how many people that I can
walk up to and say Hello too. It was nice.
Happy Birthday Sister. I guess that you had one good
night, since Brother had to almost drag you to your
apartment, hehehe.
There is one thing that I do not understand that was
egging me this evening. I saw a person that I had a good
feeling that would be there tonight. I don't now about what
she was thinking, or was expecting. I was not going to run
to her and give her a hug or kiss her on the cheek. I said
hello when she came into the club, I am not going to be an
asshole to her. The thing that is egging me is, when I said
hello she sorta shrugged her shoulders at me almost as if
she was expecting me to do something. Ya, right. Not for
what she did to me. That is something that I will tell you
later enrty, If and When I feel like writing it down.

Feelings as I go to bed..

Bitchy (Yes, I guy can feel this way, we just don't show
it all that much).

Lost in the Dark...