2001-11-10 07:32:41 (UTC)

So I went to ohio this week..

So I went to ohio this week with jimi to visit his family.
we left on Tuesday after I got Satan (my car) out of the
shop. That fucking bastard car cost my 200 dollars to get
fixed to pass inspection. My paycheck was 219 dollars.
what does that mean? I only have a little more than 19
bucks to live off for the next god damn week. So the night
we get to ohio My fucking leather jacket that my gram
bought me for christmas last year gets stolen fromy car and
I had my wallet in my jacket too.does god hate me? the
bright side was that I got to spend four days with Jimi.
He's the greatest guy and I love him more than anything
else. PWX is tomorrow night and I get to be in a battle
royal, yeah! Im happy i get to do something! Anyway, my dad
lost his job or quit or something but he hasnt said
anything to me about it yet. I called his office and asked
for him and they told me he hasn't worked there for at
least a month? How the fuck is my dad gonna by my
unemployed, homerecking stepmother a Lexus, and then have
no job. Welfare can't pay for a Lexus. My mom says he's
sending her all these deranged emails about redeming
herself with god and how his wife is good and pure and my
mom isn't. What a crazy, unemployeed bastard. oh well fuck
him and his lexus.