A day in the life....
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2001-11-10 07:30:01 (UTC)

Swingin' Freaks

Hey hey! tonight was so incredibly AWESOME! I loved it!
*giggle giggle* Got to go to a great Swing Club in Indy and
just flaunt my stuff! My parents went as well, which was
pretty cool, they hadn't seen me dance before. But i just
had so much fun dancing with my boys. Peter is great and
Phil is good and Corey is fun but John....oh John i love to
dance with him. Seems like we kept getting "stuck" with
each other. He's a great partner. Learned some new lifts
and jumps today. Very Awesome...was told i do a good "the
big dip" Took my mind off life for about 4 hours. Now it is
late and i just relish in the memories and thoughts of the
evening. God bless and g'night any one who reads this.