2001-11-10 07:23:34 (UTC)

new start

i'm getting a new start on this site. i just deleted all my previous
entries, changed my nick, and diary name...
kinda extreme, but i'm just paranoid someone would find out about wat
i'm writing again.

so!!! it's a fresh start for me :)
if you think u can guess wat my nick was previously, you're welcome
to give me feedback, hehe. but i dunnoe, i think the feedback link to
my mail has something wrong. i tried sending feedback to myself, and
it doesn't work. i mean, it gets sent, but i get nothing in my box.
hmm... will work that one out another day.

guess i should give another intro to myself. well, i'm 23 this year,
and my birthday's coming along in a couple of weeks, yippee! let's
see.. wat else.... nah, shan't give anything else away. if theres
anyone who reads this,.. well, you'll find out more in further

well, i guess i'm getting outta here. going back home now for the
weekend for some loving from mom.