My Life.............
2001-11-10 06:29:50 (UTC)

feeling sad and lonely.

I miss Jeff alot, i saw him online i think it was tuesday,
he was on for over an hour, he didnt speak to me though,
maybe ill go read his old emails, i dont know, they somehow
make me feel close to him........
sometimes i hate the weekends, cause i know Jeff wont be
online, he told me he leaves on the weekends, now whether
he does or not i dont know....
Im getting a new computer tomorrow (actually today), and i
put a web cam on layaway , so, i guess i should be excited
about that, i just hate going into debt. again, and i have
to find all my passwords so i can get into my hangouts on
the new computer, i know thats going to be a hassle
On a happier note, i lost another 2 pounds.:) and i
started walking in the mornings along with my walks at
night.:) also, i started another forum, this one is for
people who are struggling with losing weight, i have a
place for journals on there, i tried to make that part
private, but, when i tried to give myself access to that
thread i kept getting illegal operations, so, for now
anyone can read them, i want to make them private again
(hopefully) so if people want to start a journal, they need
to ask to be given access and start a journal of their own,
i hope the forum does well, and if anyone is reading this
entry and is trying to lose weight or knows anyone who is,
please feel free to join me there the addy
theres not alot going on there right now, but, i hope to
add some things soon, maybe ill do that sunday, or maybe
ill add some tonight, i dont know yet........