interesting me
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2001-11-10 06:26:58 (UTC)

not bad at all

I almost forgot to write in here tonight. I am so tired,
but anyway. Today was a pretty good day. Bean (Teena)came
over to see me today. Shes been almost my best friend
since 9th grade. I was a brides maid in her wedding this
August. We are still so close. I miss having her live
right down the road from me. But shes gonna come back
Sunday, and then she will come stay next weekend with me.
It will almost be like the "old days", but only it wont cuz
now shes married and has a step kid. But its gonna be me
and her. We can catch up on everything thats happened
since the last time i seen her, and that was like a month
ago. Damn I miss having my friends around. It seems like
they all either moved away, are married, to busy, or just
plain boring now. But Bean...shes different. Shes one
that everybody wants around.

Oh yeah, did I tell you that Andrew is now back at home.
He has been for a couple days. And I still miss him so
much. We do talk everyday, but I just miss him. Its hard
to explain.

Today was kinda stressful, but at the same time it was
great. Aunt Dawn isnt coming up this weekend. Her family
got sick too. That sux. But she wants me to come down and
live with her. She says I can stay for as long as I want.
There are only 2 rules that would apply to me. #1) I have
to have a job. Which is like DUH...I love to work and
beable to support myself. #2) is that I have to have my
licnese...I have been meaning to get that for about a year
now. I am putting that off so much. I absolutely hate
driving, but Im ready to get out of here. Ready for some
new adventures and ready to meet new people. Except for
soon I will be with my Andrew forever. After Christmas is
the plan, but we arent sure exactly when yet.

Well, I am extremely tired and Im gonna go rest that messy
head of mine, good night and sweet dreams everybody,