Blooded Kez

Thoughts of a crazy person
2001-11-10 06:05:40 (UTC)

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So, i now have an online diary...lets see if i can keep
this on better then i can keep normal diarys.

Thoughts of a crazy person.... and that crazy person being
me. I havent much to say at this moment in time, as my
brain is its 5.56am in the morning and i
havent slept since 4pm previous day. At the moment im
glancing over to the fucking bed....where my retarded piece
of artwork sits.... and basicly...its a weird, fucked up
piece.... wonder what moms gonna say wen she see's her
daughters drawn a skeleton type figure holding a girls head
in one hand and a axe in the other.... WEIRD much? but hey,
thats me all over.., deffinately fuckin weird. Hey,seeing
as this is my diary....i can swear as much as i want, not
saying i love bad lanuage, but i tend to use it now and
then... Ok, back to normal diary day wasnt too
bad, slept, watched tv, ate, listened to music, came
online... didnt have the normal old perverts chattin me up
but oh well....maybe next time. Im wondering if im going to
use this also to basicly bad mouth people... im not so sure
yet, we'll have to see. Not much crazy talk going on yet
huh? neeeeeh... save that till later.....wen my brain kicks
back into action....

Thoughts of the day : Should i wash my hair, will i still
be living wen im 20, should i clean my hell hole (room),
should i actualy go downstairs and talk to people or stay
up here and be an anti-social bitch....... and thats about
it. gonna scoot, dead bodys to draw and milk to
drink. Laterz