The many thoughts of Ann
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2001-11-10 05:30:39 (UTC)


well this is a little wierd....but i think i am staring to
LIKE like sonia....becuz i am pretty sure she like likes
me. we have kissed......like with tongue.....and at first i
was really weired out by it but now i am am gettin used to
it!!! AND I DONT KNOW WUT TO DO.....i mean i am NOT a
lesbo....becuz i still like guys.. so maybe i am just bi??
but only when it comes to sonia.... the only thing i am
worried about is if the guy of my dreams asked me
out....wut do i say...i mean am sonia and i...."a couple"
like if i said yes...would i be "cheatin" on sonia...like
would i hurt her feelings???? i mean i find that i miss
her alot when she leaves and when she kisses me i want more
as soon as she leaves... i just dont know wut to do...i
mean i still really really really like guys....so
wuts happening to me!