life of a lozer
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2001-11-10 05:25:56 (UTC)

rest of my day...

hey hey! so yeah, anyhoo, i went to go see Domestic
Disturbance tonite with Jessica. it was pretty wicked. we
had tons of fun thou. i think it was a good movie, pretty
good acting, and the kid Matt O'Leary aint too bad on the
eyes if ya catch my drift. i think one of the best parts
thou was when our old social studies from 6th grade, and my
old basketball coach Mr. Hoffmann came and sat 2 rows in
front of us with his date, another teacher from our old
middle skool. it was quite funny. i guess you had to be
there. yeah, so anyways, like no one is online. not a
single person. damn. eh o well, all ages radio starts in 42
minutes. score! i love it, 4 hours of commercial-free punk
music, with sum pretty rad hosts. great shit. and then
tomorro i'm goin to the good charlotte/mest/the movielife
show. its gunna be pretty awesum. i cant wait. i just wish
they werent all over mtv and popular and shit. it sux
hardcore. o well, i guess i'll just haveta find myself a
kick ass moshpit and kick all of the posers asses. yay!
great fun. cant wait. but it is gunna suck considering the
group of people i'm goin with. the music'll make up for it
thou. ummm, yeah so i think thats bout it, check ya later.