The Boy Looked At Johnny
2001-11-10 05:19:39 (UTC)

November 10, 2001. Night.

Last night was completely beautiful. We played at
Barretones with Half-Seas-Over and Slumber Party. Ours was
a pretty great, lean set, Half-Sea-Over sounded good, and
Slumber Party was fantastic. Me, Nate and Bradley got to
talk to Leigh, their bassist, at length after the show. She
was really friendly, and asked for a record when it comes
out. She also encouraged us to send one to Kill Rock Stars.

Katie was full of encouragement, too. She was bidding me
hit on all the hot, evil-looking indie rock girls in their
Delia's clunkerboots and Diesel jeans -- "skinny pretty girls who
like to talk about bands," as the Moldy Peaches called them. I was
exhausted from dancing and crumpled in the corner, though. Plus, I'm
totally intimidated by those types of girls. My "charm," such as it
is, seems to have no effect on these hot, drinking-age girls. I
better stick to girls that work in bookstores and dye their hair and
probably want to sit around and talk about authors and eat exotic
foods and snort when they laugh.