Blonde And Dangerous
2001-11-10 05:11:15 (UTC)

Another Lock-In!!!

Elizabeth had me to there lock-in last night too!!! It was
SO much fun!!!
Brandon had to come back with me and her mom to get our
TV's, since there were none at the church, except for the
movie one. My room was kinda messy, but Brandon just kinda
kicked stuff out of the way. My TV is fucking HEAVY!!! It
took both of us to lug it out to the van... Elizabeth's is
like light compared to mine.
I played football outside with EBeth, Mitchell(Brandon's
brother), and some other people, which was pretty cool too,
cuz E-Beth's football blinked!!! It was so cool! Hehe...
we stayed outside until almost midnight.
Later Maggie, me, Denise(the person supervising us) and
Brandon played Risk. Basically, Brandon and I killed
Maggie and Denise, and then when it was just us, I had a
larger army then he did, and he gave up! First game I ever
won, right there!!!! OH YEAH!!!!
Otherwise, my weekend is turning out boring. Today I slept
all day, tomorrow I'm sleeping in, and Sunday I have church
and then just watching football. Oo. Fun.
Packers are gonna beat da Bears!!!!!

"All I want is to be in the light"