.Scream Your Dream.

Emo Violence
2001-11-10 05:02:12 (UTC)

everythings random anymore

my life has become overrun by randomness, i wish i could
keep a running log, but i cant,

like this boy today, john panasuk today had emo glasses
on. crazy stuff.

ben feiber from dairy queen died.

im an accessory to a hit and run accident. (but not at all)

car full of alex tatum and her friends at the show tonight.

jim hugged me today. so random.

travis fricker likes digger.

kristina winter today.

aurua boriallis (nuff said)

r6proudctiosn blows

this boy said he remembered me from Penn state this summer,
sooo weird. was he just making it up to shut the r6 guys
up, did he really remember me or was he thinking about
someone else all togheter.

jay won his case.

i got a package from singapore.

i like enya.

thers more, i just dont feel liek remembering, it just
seems liek EVERY SECOND i am saying "wow thats so random"

maybe thats what i'll write my column on for alyssa's zine,
randomness. i will be writing under the name fall daring.
thats all.

im so tired, its almost midnight, i better get to bed, im
doing somthing with jim tommrow, he just makes me feel warm
and fuzzy, not all comfortbale, just wanted and loved, i
dont wish to date or be totally emotionalyl attached, i
rather just be cozy, and cuddle. he feels like home.

probably the number one thing i fear and obsess about in
relationships is emotional attachment, dependence and
exhaustion, mainly because htis is always what screws me,
and i guess thats the way of it. but its hard to tell a
boy or a girl that they cant express their full emotions to
their entireity towards you because you arnt able to fully
accept and handle that sort or responcibity and
dependence. im such a girl. and confused at that. i cnat
tell him that after all this, i cant handle anymore. its
hard, its too hard.