lil girl

my eyes
2001-11-10 04:47:36 (UTC)

Up and down and up and down....

mood swings. What fun.
TODAY: happy - blue - depressed - crying - HAPPY -

yesterday I was giddy happy
day b4 that, depressed (very)


I've decided I gotta give kids help or teen touch a try
when I'm depressed, cuz I regret what I do, and its just
not a great way to feel... there is no one to talk to
because I can't burden my friends. Its not a choice.

I was telling my mom, how I have to put my lil sis to bed
when she's not there - and she kept saying, its a choice,
you do it because you love her, and I had to tell her a few
times - I love her, and therefore its NOT a choice. She got
it eventually.

There are somethings you just do.

maturity - love and hate it

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