My Life (read if u want)
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2001-11-10 04:35:37 (UTC)

My worries for today.

Dear Diary,
Today was a pretty good day. I guess.I was going out
with this guy named daniel but i listened to everyone tell
me i should breakup with cuz he didnt call me.Well I
listened and broke up with him. I felt so bad afterwards.I
knew i made a mistake.I called him like 4 days later and
apologized and told him i loved him so much.He said he
loved me 2.I asked him would he give me another chance and
he said yes but he wanted to start out as friends then see
where it went from there. I agreed. Then Wendsday i looked
at his profile and saw where he had wrote before we broke
up that he was in a long term relationship and he had found
the love of his life and hoped he stayed with her forever.I
cried as soon as i read it.I called him immediatley and
told him i read it.I poured my heart out to him. He said he
loved me more then life itself and i told him the same.I
was supposed to go out tonight but my ride cancelled on me
so ill go out tomorrow night. Well i gtg. Until next time...


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