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2001-11-10 04:17:24 (UTC)

stressed beyond belief

this week was nuts. i had a civ paper due on monday that i
didn't turn in until wednesday, after staying up until
midnight for three nights in a row. now even though i'm
incredibly exhausted, i've been staying up late out of
habit. i haven't really practiced all week, and i have to
play for one of the best freelancers in my city on sunday,
then i have an audition next saturday. this could be
interesting... to top it all off, a couple weeks ago i got
with danny, who is really nice and really sweet and we sort
of went out last year but it was worthless. so this year he
got really buff and was still the nicest guy in the world,
so i started liking him again. unfortunately i'm one of
those girls who only likes something until they get it, and
then it's not as good as they hoped so they stop liking it.
so after one date my affections went downhill. his started
climbing. he's really clingy. i HATE that. pda (even if it's
just holding your waist...well, excessively) is so annoying,
even more so when you're part of it. that, by the way, is a
message for all you guys who want their girlfriends to
respect them and keep liking them. if you stay off her in
public, it's a lot nicer. but so i haven't really talked to
danny in a week, yet i think he thinks we're together or
something. then there's timmy... he had a girlfriend, but
now he broke up with her and she likes my friend mary (his
ex is bi, which is cool but a little sketchy.) so this week/
month has been psycho crazy. i really am going to bed now,
talk to you soon

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