the ups and downs of my life
2001-11-10 03:21:51 (UTC)

Monsters inc!!!!!!!

hi again well i ust got back from watching monsters inc.
and i must say it was a very good movie. i had to go b/c
my sis wanted to see it nbut it was actually pretty good.
they had some good jokes and the whole concept was cool.
but now i am afraid that there r mean monsters in my
closet!! i dont want to go to bed! wait never mind i will
just have my dog sleep w/ me :). so right now i am just
sitting here being bored talking to my aunt,who is pretty
cool if i say so my self. i have 6 aunts and she is my fav
and i dont know why. she is sorta like my mom so maybe that
is why. most of my other aunts scare me its not like i wont
alk to them they just dont seem like the motherly type. but
she is cool and she is older than my mom but i talk to her
alot on here almost as much as my cousin and my cousin can
get annoying sometimes but i still love her. well i guess
that is it for right now ttyl