Cocooned in Misery
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2001-11-10 03:17:44 (UTC)

These Filthy Hands

I Got wrote up in school today. I told my teacher
to "Chill"... Yea thats all and everyone's got to fucking
spaz on me. Cuz im and ulgy ass freek. I know this.. but
they dont need to hold it in my face. I got to see Midnight
today.. She seems said inside I can see it.. Something she
wishes not to tell me of. I lied to everyone after we left
the bookstore. I told them I had friends I was gonna meet.
But I did not. People loved to tell me how im " GOING TO
FUCKING HELL ". But you know what I dont care.. It seems
everyone I know is keeping somthing from me. Twinking is
telling me about stuff I dont wish to know of. Midnight
seems she is leaveing her self behind when I see her.. I
took a long walk down near the mall and movie's today. And
thought about alot. I try to show midnight that she has an
amazing hart inside her and that how beautiful she is.. And
she is that and much more yet I cant get her to see. And I
was thinking that when she dose she is not gonna want any
part of my ulgy ass. People keep tossing bad thoughts in my
mind left and right.. I know I am worthless . just like
mother always told me.. worthless...
But I dont regret anything in my life..
Its falling in love with her...

I was told today...
" Search for love or war to restore disorder challenge me
once more to hold my head above water drowing quick
flooding in soaked through my lungs "