Squeeb's world
2001-11-10 03:09:19 (UTC)

Fantasy Land

Ok, ever since I talked to my baby on Monday, I've been
flooded with fantasies of seeing him. I know I've had them
before but they had become less prevalent. Now since I've
been talking to him, they've bounced back up to the
forefront of my brain, along with my feelings for him which
I've tried to keep buried deep inside. Like I keep thinking
about him coming to see me and me throwing the door open,
him standing there with his arms open wide and me just
rushing into them and him picking me up and spinning me
around. I know it's not that realistic what with his bad
back and the fact that I weigh about as much as a
medium-sized cow... but still, pleasant thought. Or today I
was having a fantasy of talking to him on the computer again
and saying something like how I've been head over heels for
the same person for almost 7 years and then it finally
coming out that it was him and him finally admitting that
he's felt the same way... oh it just keeps going on. Today I
was daydreaming that he showed up out of the blue after
finding my address and phone number in the phone book and
asked to me to go for a drive with him. I've got it bad,
that's all I can say. Anyways I am exhausted so I think I
will go to bed and see if I can have sweet dreams of my

Current mood: dreamy
Current music: "One-sided Love"- Mandy Moore