keeping my hands in the air
2001-11-10 02:21:05 (UTC)

Couple of Updates

Is it possible to really like somebody, but at the same
time, ur kinda looking into this other guy too????? Cause
i'm wondering how could i like corey so much when there's
this other guy named John that i'm kinda looking into.
First of all they're complete opposites.

Well, u kinda have an idea of corey. he's a good friend of
mine. he's the everything guy all mixed into one. he's
sweet, nice, cute, funny, sexy, adorable, yet can also be a
jerk, a flirt, and a menace. but i was having a
conversation w/ one of his buds today and we were talking
about him and how he's really nice and all of that. he's
really a good lil (well, maybe not so lil) Christian boy,
but he's got so many contradictions within this one person.
he's also athletic...he plays soccer and runs cross
country. oh and he's also a senior. (i'm a sophomore)

now, i haven't really talked much about john. john is a
freshman, but he is also a good friend of mine. i just love
him to death. he's the nicest guy in the entire world and
really sweet. he's extremely huggable (so's corey) and i'm
a huggin type of person. his looks are also different from
corey. corey has the preppy boy kinda look whereas john's
look is more original...i dunno how to describe it. think
black t-shirt w/ jeans and some original touches to it and
i guess u've got john. he's also not the hottest guy in the
world, but he's incredibly sweet. i don't think there's one
single bad bone in his body.

so, how is it that the guy i really like is corey, who can
be a jerk, but there's also this one guy who's almost
perfect and yet i don't like him as much as corey? i mean,
the whole deal w/ corey is that, there's just this feeling
inside of me that's telling me not to let go so i'm
listening to it and nothing's still happening. but then
there's john, and i mean, should i hang around and wait for
corey or go for something that could definitely be there w/
john and just risk it? i don't think i know what i'm
saying. i know that i like john. and i also really like
corey. i guess i'll just have to wait things out and see
what happens!
more details later!