Shana's Thoughts
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2001-11-10 02:18:02 (UTC)

8:08 P.M. 11/09/01

O me. Today has been pretty good. I had a great day at
school and everything seems to be goin' great & stuff.
Tonight my bf comes over. Im so happy. I miss him even
thought we have just been apart for a day or two and we
talk evry morning and two or three times a night. Ahhhhhh
love. Its great & stuff*.

Well i gots to run by people!*!*!*!

A short poem. This is not by me but i am gonna give
credit to the person who wrote it her name is brenda!

I believe when i see Jesus
He will know my name
I believe when i touch Jesus
He will be glad I came
I believe when we go home to His Mansion in the sky
Jesus will be there with with arms
we'll know a love that will never die.

This is a great poem and i'm not ashamed to say that I

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