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2001-11-10 02:06:12 (UTC)

I Dont' Want You're Pity 11.09.01

Well my day was going swell until after 9th.. at which
point i went to 4C1.. hoping 2 avoid Ray n
his 'settling'.. well things seemed 2 have going swell so
far.. then after sum useless bickering .. we.. i mean THEY
go off 2 plan Winnie's party thing 4 tomorrow... n we walk
down 2 the train station... hmm where i was being ignored
by every1.... n then we go in... n i c sum ppl i knew..
that was ok...god y the fuk is Ray so tall? so anyway we
go down 2 the platform n more chit chat goes on n me n
nagel exhcnage looks @ which point the rest of the group
notices... n i gave them my ' oh jesus - shut up ' look so
we get on the train n then i sit off by myself apart from
every1 else... so i put on my MD and start writin in my
lil HW notebook... n angel looks @ it n i whisper that im
writing y im pissed... well i 4got 2 write.. but ust
thought of this.... sen n elaine were talkin how Danny
weren't going 2 be the minister... n they were getting all
upset.. my god-bitches-- thye dont consider me huh?
writing... Smart Angel tells them im writing HW then i
keep writing n writing... @ which point Angel tells Ray ,
Sen , n Elaine sumthin... which is " y didnt u invite
Alan?" n i took a lil glimpse of sen looking "uhhhh" so i
was like ok whatever... n elaine invites me saying " alan
u could come if u want" ... what do u mean i want? so u
didnt invite me but now ure offering... wtf is that?!? a
pity invite... n then i tell them i cant go anyway cuz i
have 2 go sumwhere.. which is sorta true.. gotta go out 4
dinner... but u kno.. its still the thought u kno... my
god if u plan the party right in front of me n dunt invite
me.. isnt that FUCKED UP?! sigh so we i try 2 make the
best of it... thanks angel... n then we get out of the
train station.. n i just become all quiet n not say
anything hoping i would make those basterds feel all
guilty... so we walk down sum street...towards the park..
i had a bad feeling we were going 2 go 2 ray's house but i
follow anyway.. so we bump into ryan n bryan playing b-
ball... so we keep walking n then i head off on my own..
but tellin angel so she doesnt scream it out n make a big
scene... n i walk away hoping not 2 c their faces for the
next few days so i can find my own piece of mind... ooh
btw i gave wut i wrote 2 angel... hoped she didnt show it
2 any1.. but then again.. i wrote it as i was walking so
its sloppy shit.. oh wellz... and then i was all grouchy
when i got to the store blah blah i just wasnt in a good
mood 2day so i go off home.. searchin 4 stores w/
postcards 4 my room but i ended up getting cappuchino n
then going home n now i sit here writing... just writing...

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