2001-11-10 01:03:10 (UTC)

Well That Was Much Better

Went to church last night and my "shadow" was there. I met
this guy after church one night. After that he kept finding
me and sitting next to me. The other day he walked me to
the main church service even though he wasn't going
himself. I call him my shadow because I can't remember his
name and I'm not sure what he wants. We got talking after
church last night and we talked forever. Then he said he
had to get going to where we all hang out for dinner. He
asked me if I was coming and I said no becuase it was too
far to walk. He offered to take me so of course I accepted.
We went and talked for hours. We were the only people left
in the restaurant.

Everyone elses first impression would be cool he likes you.
I'm not so quick to do that. Almost all my friends are guys
so I'm used to hanging out with them. I mean last night
could very easily be viewed as friendly. He could have
thought I was hungry and didn't have a way to dinner. It
could also be viewed as more. Who knows. I was just happy
to be out of the house, finally getting to tlak to him for
more than 5 minutes at a time etc.

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