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Her World...The Diary of Dani Clare
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2001-11-10 01:00:33 (UTC)

Today On The Dani Clare Show...

'Today on the Dani Clare show, we are going to meet a
number of guests who claim to be involved in bitter love
triangles. First of all, please meet Billy and Dave...'

Hi, Dani-fans! Hehe. I know that this is weird but I have
decided on another future ambition. To have my own chat
show! I'd love to do that. I would call it 'The Dani Clare
Show', and it would be a mixture of Maury Povich, Ricki
Lake and Jerry Springer, with an extremely lovely
hostess! :) Maury for intelligent agony-aunt talks and
solving problems by the nice way of talking (but not
boring, like Montel), Ricki Lake for the lie-detector
tests, and the giving of makeovers to arrogant, badly-
dressed teenagers, and Jerry Springer for the violence,
excitement and freaks. :) If you put those together, one
would have a particularly good show. I'm going to have to
try that, and write some scripts etc for a bit of fun. I
think I would gain a lot of viewers...

Anyway, that is my new plan. Once again I find myself
writing my daily diary entry in the early hours of the
morning. I think it's starting to become a habit. I
mentioned in the beginning that I am particularly bad at
keeping diaries. I have been online since about nine fourty-
five, thought I have spent that time talking to Chris who
is extremely ill with tonsilitis at the moment. I love him
so much, and I really miss him too, especially knowing that
he is ill and I cannot be there to cuddle him and make him
feel better. I am unable to see him tomorrow too, which
means I shall have to wait even longer to see him! Argh! Oh
well, I'm just hoping time will fly. I was not in school
today, as I was only due in for one lesson after lunch as
the teacher for psychology and sociology was not in. So I
stayed home, did a teeny bit of work, and basically sat
around watching the television (for once!) I then came
online, later than usual, and talked to Chris up until now.
He was really tired and had to go to sleep. I am too, to be
well and truly honest.
Also tonight, the pictures from the Rougemont Halloween
party that was held in early October were up on Dave's
site, so I had a look. Not very...exciting...but I shall
keep them in case I ever need them in future for my show,
hehe. I really want to be a newsreader, but to have my own
chat show would be even better. I would really really
really love to do that. :) I was watching a few shows this
morning (daytime televion is full of those shows) about
websites that are promoting anorexia. Some of them were
shown, and on one was written 'Anorexia Commandments' which
included, 'Being thin is much more important than being
healthy'. I felt an immediate reaction of disgust. What sick people
make those?? It's amazing what kinds of people there are in the world.
Tonight is also the night of Paula's birthday. Well,
birthday night out. I did not go afterwards, as Chris is
too ill to go out and I would not go without him,
especially if he is ill. I hope the others are having a
good time anyway :)
Well I know that this has not been a particularly long
entry, and noticed may be an obvious lack of detail and
perhaps excitement here, but this is my diary for tonight.
Well, this morning. I am extremely tired now, and I really
need sleep, so I must leave, and promise to write again
very soon. As for now, byeee!!!!

Love & Beauty,
Dani Clare