pensive problematic

a thought in the mind of her
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2001-11-10 00:59:40 (UTC)

its changing...

ya know that its usually your heart that just can't seem to
let go
for me its taken a while to realize the release
the leash you had me bound to
is now slowly disappearing
my heart throbed for your clench on life and on me
the past...bygone to the pages of history
the present...reordering the meanderous emotions of my
the future...reveiling what i hope is not betrayal
the aspiration of your embrace
that magnectic look in your eye
you were the first guy in my life over the age of 5
and not in the family circle
when you're with me
i feel free
i'm not tied down
i can be myself
altho that feeling is gone now
you still make me feel special
you have a different life now
apart from mine
yet you still find time to add me in a minute
those little things is what makes up for
the pain you caused my heart to feel
i now realize the release you have given me
and respect what has happened to our attraction
we linger our time together
hopefully enjoying every minute

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