Babydoll in Hell

my life with the devils
2001-11-10 00:06:52 (UTC)

up date

dear diary,
the last couple of days have been extremely interesting.
me and an old friend have become really close again and im
glad because i really needed the way to vent. we were
reading a book and in the book the main charactor acts ou
ton his friends and he calls the "victim friends" and thats
kinda how i feel about people that read this and the people
that i call when pissed off. but i think thats a trade
because my friends do the same thing to me and i really
dont care because it makes me feel good that they call me
and know that they can yell at me and i wont take it
offensive. thats my high of the day. my low is the
reality that i guy i like doesnt like me but then again
thats been my low for a couple of days. so its really
nothing really knew. thanks for listening to me ramble on
and on about stuff that really doesnt matter but to me this
is what my life is made of. thanks.
always and forever,