life of a lozer
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2001-11-09 23:48:49 (UTC)

my day off

no skool today! total scoreness! slept until like 11:30,
then showered and went out to lunch with Jessica, Tina and
tina's friend Jenny, and Jason. we went to noodles and
company, and it was pretty good. we're so bad thou, and i
feel pretty sorrie for the next people sitin there that
wanna use that soy sauce stuff... and then Jason goes and
steals the pepper shaker. reallie, i'm suprised we didnt
get kicked out. so anyhoo, then we all walked back home,
and tina and jenny went to tina's house, while me and
jessica and jason like hung out in the middle of the street
on the median for like another hour, or so. yeah, i wont
reallie go into detail what all went on there, cuz yeah its
just over and forgotten as far as i'm concerned, but just
goes to show i was right about me and jason and him not
liking me. he's into all the, hmmm, how might i say it,
whores and skanks. so i'm definately not his
type, and so there ya go. anyhoo! then i like came home and
talked on the fone with jessica for like and hour and a
half or whatever, and then in a lil bit we're goin out ta
see a movie. good times. i've finally found myself a friend
that i can totallie count on and talk to and everything and
its great. she's awesum and i'm glad we started hangin out.
mmmk, thats bout it fer now, i'm talkin to tina online, so
yeah i'm gunna go. later gator. :defectivpunk::

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