2001-11-09 21:39:28 (UTC)

*november 8 - problems...*

what a horrible day this has been. i dont even know where
to start, theres so much...

first--im grounded. i cant go out tonight, and im never to
use aol instant messanger again because my moms worried
about how i let guys talk to me. namely kyle, who's i.m.
she saw on the puter...something about him grabbing my azz.
big deal. big effing deal...

second--allison has made a huge mistake and refuses to
listen to anyone, especially me. the bish dumped andy...
they were beyond perfect together and she couldnt even see
it. she couldnt let herself see it. and so, andy was beyond
upset...he really did love her. how could she have done
that to him?? damn. him and anthony ditched lunch and
stayed in the bathroom untill they went outside... ditched
me and jon. so me and jon talked all of recess, mainly
about alli and andy's lationship. noone even gets why she
dumped him, especiallly me.

(continued in next entry...)