the ups and downs of my life
2001-11-09 21:21:37 (UTC)

stoday was great and easy

today is friday-yes i am so glad!!!!! i was so tired wed i
went to bed at 8 and now i feel much better! monday starts
bball practice and i am anxious to seee what it will be
like. i know who the coah is(one of those rich hinkleys) and
i think he will be nice i just hope i get to play in some
games and not just sit on the bench if i sit on the bench to
much nd never get to play then i will provavly quit but i
dont want to think about that yet. i got my report card in
the mail yesterday and my gpa was a 96 i think which is good
of course. I am so happy i finally figured out what i am
going to write about for my history report(the impact of
the crusades). speaking of reports tracy told me that she
would have both of her reports done by mon day even thought
they r due imn about 1-2 weeks and if she does i give her a
nckle and if she doesnt then i get a nickle. i dont think
would have done it onl for a nicklee but she says this will
help her get it done and over w/. alot of teachers were
absent today so we just had study halls all day i had one in
spanish(the teacher wasnt gone we just had hardly anyone in
class), gym(played bball but didnt have to),
science(watched starwars but i didnt pay attention just
wrote a note), studyhall(of course), english and chorus but
of course i talked in some of them. then in history we just
talked about current evens and mr b played scenes from
movies and we had to guess on the comeputer abd then of
course geometry was spo boring but all we did was a few
graphs so it wasnt that hard. so school was so easy today.
i like the show trading space which is a design show on tlc
and i know lots f older ppl watch it but me and my cuz do
and i DONT care, i can watch what i want. well i gues that
is all for now. talk to u later