le soleil et la lune
2001-11-09 21:12:38 (UTC)

what a waste

I hate to say this, but I feel like my whole day was a
waste. My group in English will NOT work together. Today
Kassidy was cutting Garrett's hair instead of helping us
figure out what in the hell we are going to do for 18
minutes when we present. I am stuck doing the majority of
the work and I don't have the fucking time do it. Poor
Katie just burst into tears in the middle of class today.
She was nice enough to stay with me while everyone else
either went to the King Times or Mi Pueblos, even though
she was supposed to go to both places too. For some reason
I was in a really bad mood from about the middle of 2nd
period on. During 3rd I wrote my bill for YIG. 4th
period, well, that was funny. I stayed and hung out with
Katie during band, and Shelton told some kids in the stands
to "go to hell" b/c they had been yelling stuff at the band
for the past couple of days. oh, and he said shit.
hehehe. I really wish I hadn't gone to the social studies
club meeting. It just seemed like a rather warm gathering
place for people I can't stand. And nothing really got
accomplished: CJ just told us some ideas we had. Anyway, I
have to go to work now, and maybe I won't blow up on a
customer or burst into tears like I have been wanting to
for the past few days.

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